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Quilt Show! Set up Friday and Show on Saturday and Sunday
April 29, 2011

The quilts are registered, the judging is finished and the quilts are bundled up, ready to display!

Registration for Quilt Show THIS WEEK!
April 25, 2011

Remember to bring your quilts in to Homespun Treasures on 322 in Carlton, PA (you can shop while there, too!) on Wednesday and Thursday, to register them for the Quilt Show THIS WEEKEND!

Quilt Registration
*Registration will be Wednesday, 4-27-11, from 5-8pm and Thursday, 4-28-11, from 10am –4pm.
*A check box will be on the registration form to indicate any item as professionally quilted or quilted by ‘self’ (for machine and hand quilting)
*Quilt labels must be covered prior to registration.
*Only 2 quilts per numbered category.
*Quilts should arrive in bags with owner’s name on it (owners will take bags home with them).
*Quilts will be registered by number with a description, owner’s name and who will be picking up the quilts, if owner cannot.
*Choose category for judging carefully; it will not be changed.
*All entries must be ‘new’ (should not have been in our previous shows) except for Theme Quilt Exhibit quilts.
*Quilts should be clean and odor-free.